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    National Cousins Day

    Family members working towards the same mission.



    What is it like to work with your cousin?

    Alicia Abubaker, Executive Assistant

    I love that we are both working for the same cause, helping seniors stay in the homes that they love. I love to hear all of her stories about the participants. Since I work in the admin building most of the time, I am not the one out in the field. I think it’s cool that we are each on two different spectrums of the business. It’ so enlightening to hear her stories and her struggles since she sees firsthand how harsh aging can be.

    Frania Corrales, Enrollment Outreach Specialist

    Working with my cousin means I always have someone I can talk to and trust.We give each other suggestions for how to improve each other’s work. I invite her to all of my community events so she can see what the enrollment process looks like first hand. She also gives me insight into where the heart of the organization is, Grace Li, our CEO. She communicates Grace’s passion for the mission, which makes me know I am in the right organization.