Monthly Archives: January 2017

  • National Bath Safety Month

    In honor of National Bath Safety Month, we wanted to share our expertise on things to keep in mind when bathing your loved one. 1. Use a non-slip shower/bath mat inside the tub/shower. 2. Install grab-bars (we recommend not using the suction ones). 3. Remove slippery throw rugs from outside of the shower to avoid […]

  • 6 medication safety tips

    As a caregiver, you have a lot of responsibilities—one of which may be helping your loved one manage medications. This can be a complex task, particularly if he or she takes multiple meds. Here are six ways to help you keep things safe and simple: 1. Make a list of every medication your loved one […]

  • Laugh it up: It’s good for you

    Did you hear the story about the fake noodles? Apparently, they were im-pastas. Hopefully, you just chuckled a bit—even if you did roll your eyes! If so, you may have done your health a favor. Unique medicine research suggests that laughter is good for you. It may improve blood flow to the heart, boost your […]