Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Take Care When Choosing and Using a Walking Aid

    If you need help getting around, you might consider a walking aid, such as a walker or a cane. These devices can help you maintain mobility. But keep this in mind: A walking aid can be risky if it isn’t fitted properly. It can also be risky if you haven’t been shown how to use […]

  • Overcoming Isolation and Loneliness Among Seniors

    According to a study by AARP and ResearchWorks, isolation among adults 50 and older is a growing epidemic, due in part to the changing face of American society: 45 percent of adults over 65 are divorced, separated or widowed 42 percent of Americans over 65 are disabled in some way 28 percent of those over […]

  • Meaningful Connections Bring Life to Every Center

    Contributors: Micah Apruebo, Sherry Lifton and Kim Pham Every time you visit one of the On Lok Lifeways PACE Centers (link to centers page), there is something going on: singing, smiling with medical clowns, chair yoga, painting, sewing, Wii bowling and many other fun activities. Why not go to an art exhibit or a poetry […]